Forum Closure

Yesterday (17 October 2022) I had to upgrade to a newer server so that the website can keep up to date with the latest technology and security updates.

Unfortunately we are now at a point where the guys developing the forum software are so slow that they are not able to keep up with tech changes and the software has now become obsolete.

So much so that the log in system doesn’t even work anymore – if you get logged out there is no way to log back in.

The gallery plug in used in the forum hasn’t been in development for many years now and the way it was designed doesn’t allow me to transfer the images to a new system.

As a result I cannot even rebuild or transfer the forum to a different forum software.
It has been a long time coming and I have tried to find alternatives and kick the can down the road as far as I possibly could but sadly the time has come for us to bid the forum farewell.

On Friday I will switch the forum over to read only and then remove it at the end of next month. If there are photos in your gallery that you want to download you should be able to do so while the forum is still up.

It is a very sad day for me but I thank everybody for the great chats we have enjoyed on the forum over the years. I will continue to search for an alternative option for us to use.


  1. njnjgirl

    Very sad, but thank you Nolan and Dennis for a wonderful learning experience. I will miss you and my friends on paint basket 😥😘

  2. Barbara Forehan

    What a shame. Many thanks for providing such a great way to display art and receive feedback.

  3. Maryna

    Oh gosh, that is sad indeed.

  4. Belma

    I don’t want to believe this is the end. I hope to meet again in a new forum. Many thanks to Nolan and Dennis for all the opportunities you have given us.

  5. Elizabeth

    This is so sad! I got so much encouragement from Dennis, Nolan and PB Members. Although I haven’t been on the forum lately, it has always been my go-to place to see my paintings through the eyes of real masters. Many, many thanks to everybody and special thanks to Dennis and Nolan.

  6. Danielle123

    I also have not been on the forum for a while and I am sad to hear that you encountered some problems. Hope you can access some other software for you and everyone for to be able to share those great time of sharing comments. I hope you Nolan and Denis are in good health and keep your wonderful site going strong. Thank you for all you expertise in all medium. Miss you all, be safe.

  7. Aniz Oniro

    I was away for a while and today reading this i i so sad.I hope that you guys get through this and we will met again.Thank you Nolan and Dennis for everything learning from You was and is a pleasure.Good bless you.
    Miss you all

    • cyril

      Oh this is so sad… thankyou Dennis & Nolan all my dear friends…. I have learnt a lot from you masters . Will always be grateful. you have imparted knowledge without hiding any information.

      Hope you rectify the site.

  8. stoney

    Bummer. Hope things come back in the near future. Best wishes to all in this new year.

  9. Svetlana Pencheva

    How to contact Nolan Clark? I have to print the tulip but there is no option for download on the web.

    • Nolan59

      Which tulip class are you busy with Svetlana? Oil, watercolour, etc? Let me know then I will assist from there

      • Svetlana Pencheva

        Thank you for the quick reply. Well, I was somewhat inpatient and print a screen shot of the tulip.
        I pick up oil color and didn’t see any other option. I would like you to see the final painting somehow later, when it is ready and to figure out what is not quite right. Is there any way this to happen?

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