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Dog Portrait Painting Course

Skill Level: 2 Intermediate, 3 Advanced
Medium: Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting
Subject: Animals
Tutor: Nolan Clark
Course Length: 20 Hours


(29 customer reviews)

Course Description

Learn to paint realistic dog portraits in Acrylic

They say dogs are a man’s best friend and who can argue with that.

Our dogs will follow us wherever we go, lying at our feet while we work, protecting a property when not there, faithfully waiting for us to return then greeting us enthusiastically when we do.

When we are happy they jump for joy and when we are not they will invariably do something silly to make us smile again.

They show us absolute unconditional love so why would we not want to immortalize them on canvas?

In this course I will show you how to capture not only their likeness, but their personality as well.

This is the definitive and most comprehensive course on how to paint realistic dogs available.

During the 4 week course we will cover everything there is to learn about painting dog portraits.

(Although the course initially releases over a period 3 weeks. You can follow along at your own pace as the classes are available to you 24/7/365 after that.)

Week 1 – Border Collie

How to paint a realistic Border Collie dog painting course

We will start the course by painting a beautiful Border Collie. As we do I will teach you all the basics of painting realistic dogs.


You will learn how we deal with the background and how a simple trick can ensure that the background doesn’t compete with the portrait itself.

Learn to Paint ANY Dog

.By the end of the course I want you to be able to paint ANY dog.

As a result you will learn the theory as well as the practical side of painting realistic dogs.

Throughout the course as we paint, we will cut away to learn the theory before moving onto the next stage of the painting.

I have however kept the theory and practical separate, so that if you ever wanted to review just the theory you can and if you simply want to paint along you can do that too.

Black Hair

By the end of the course I want you to be able to paint ANY dog.

As a result you will learn the theory as well as the practical side of painting realistic dogs.

Throughout the course as we paint, we will cut away to learn the theory before moving onto the next stage of the painting.

I have however kept the theory and practical separate, so that if you ever wanted to review just the theory you can and if you simply want to paint along you can do that too.

After painting the background of the Border Collie we then move on and learn how to paint black hair as well as long haired dogs.


Then you’ll learn how to paint eyes that are wet, real and alive with expression.

Frontal Nose

Next up you learn to paint the nose from the front. One that is so realistic you can see all the dimples.


When we get to the mouth area I will show you how to paint the tongue so that it shapes with the mouth and looks wet.

Painting realistic teeth and gums are notoriously difficult, but I will show you my simple tricks which make painting them a breeze.

White Hair

To finish off the Border Collie I will show you the secret to painting long white hair.

You now have a beautiful realistic painting that you can frame and proudly hang on the wall.


Most courses stop here but we’re only getting started!

Sample the Course

Week 2 – Labrador

How to paint a realistic Labrador dog painting course

During week two we will paint a friendly Labrador.

Short Hair

In this portrait study you will learn how to paint dogs that have short hair.

I will reveal my super secret and dirt cheap brush that saves hours worth of painting time but will allow you to get that realistic layered hair look.

You are learn to paint ears that looks so velvety soft, you just want to reach out and touch them.

Light Colored Noses

I will show you how to deal with the lighter coloured noses as well as how to paint more complex gums.

Along the way you will get more valuable eye, tooth and tongue painting practice.

Nothing is Left to the Imagination

During the course nothing is left to the imagination.

I show you everything step by step in real time. You can see exactly what I do, as I do it and can even paint along.

Timelapse is only used to speed up areas where you already know exactly what to do in order to ensure the course remains interesting and to the point.

Week 3 – Dog Portrait Studies

How to paint a realistic Jack Russel Terrier nose - dog painting course

Extremely Short Hair

During week 3 of the course we will deal with individual aspects of painting dogs.

That way you will have the confidence to paint any dog under the sun.

You will learn how to paint super short hair.

How to paint noses from the side.


How to paint a realistic Pug with it's wrinkles and reflective eyes - dog painting course


How to paint wrinkly fur and skin.

How to paint eyes so reflective that you can see the surrounding people in it.


How to paint a realistic Labrador mouth with wet hair - dog painting course

Wet Hair

You will even learn how to paint the intricate wet hair easily.


How to paint a realistic Spaniel with long matted hair - dog painting course

Long Matted Hair

We round off the week by learning to paint long matted hair.

Week 4 – German Shepherd

How to paint a realistic German Shepherd dog painting course

In week 4 we will bring all our knowledge together to paint a large life size portrait of a German Shepherd.

This portrait contains everything we have learnt so far plus much more.

By the time you have completed the course you will have 3 full dog portrait paintings under your belt and will probably be getting requests to paint the dogs of friends and family.

If you want to, you will certainly have the knowledge and confidence to take on these commissions, which can earn you a very good income.

Either way you are going to have a ton of fun painting pet portraits from now on, safe in the knowledge that you can come back to the course to redo and review either the theory or the practical training videos at any time.

Let the Course Pay for Itself

Make money by taking dog portrait commissions

I currently sell my realistic pet portraits like these for upwards of $2,500. You can get an idea of what others are charging for their pet portraits here, here and here.

You could easily be making this kind of money too as pet portraits are the one most requested painting commissions worldwide. After this course and a little practice you could be inundated with commissions.

Let’s face it, the cost of having your own dog’s portrait painted by yourself on the wall is priceless.

To follow this, the most comprehensive course on how to paint realistic dogs is only




Which is less than the price you can charge for your very first dog portrait commission.

Join me on the course today. It will be the most fun you can have with a brush in your hand.

Money Back Guarantee

Oh yes and as always this course is covered by our 30-day back guarantee. If you have followed the course and not improved your dog painting skills dramatically, I will happily give you your money back.

Get ready to stun those around you with your hyper realistic dog portraits by joining me on the course today.

See you on the inside.

Tip : Although the course initially releases over a period 3 weeks. (The first 19 videos comprising week 1 open instanlty, then the rest of the course over the next 3 weeks) You can follow along at your own pace as the classes are available to you 24/7/365 after that.

PS – Although I paint in acrylics during the course, you can also follow along using oils as the actual painting techniques are identical. I have included a video in the course to explain the differences.


29 reviews for Dog Portrait Painting Course

  1. Sandrine B. (verified owner)

    Good rythm, I’ve learned many tips. I’m very satisfied.

  2. Louise McGregor (verified owner)

    I have only just started this course so I have the bulk of it to go which is why there are only 4 stars. I will update my comments when I am further through.

    So far, I think I am learning some new things. The theory before each element provides a good foundation for the painting module that follows. However, I would really like the addition of a time lapsed version so that I didn’t have to sit through an hour of commentated painting and I could see how the project progresses.

    The equipment used is explained and I appreciate that everyone has their own way of doing things but I really like the reasons that Nolan gives for his choices.

    Once I have seen all the modules of week one I will try a painting and upload it. It could take a while but I am keen to try.

  3. Marilyn-Sue W. (verified owner)

    Some really great tips are included in this class, well worth the $

  4. Charlene K. (verified owner)

    As always I have enjoyed and learned a lot of new ideas from you Class. I recommend it to anyone who likes to paint no matter how skill or even beginners.

  5. Judith Weeks (verified owner)

    Best teacher I’ve ever had, You never disappoint. Thank you Nolan!

  6. Gail Brown (verified owner)

    Nice course. Love that it works well with oils. Great instruction Nolan, as usual, thanks

  7. Peach Myers (verified owner)

    It’s unbelievable to get such a high quality art course for such a reasonable price!
    I’m only half way through the course but am so excited! Nolan is a WONDERFUL teacher. This is the second course I’ve purchased. I got it because I enjoyed the last one ( Silver Spoons) so much and the bonus was an amazing picture when I was done!
    Thank you, Nolan!

  8. james ewing (verified owner)

  9. Rosemary M. (verified owner)

    Nolan Clark is my type of Tutor. I like his relaxed informal way of teaching. And the best part is that I can take the information in at my own pace. Once it is paid for, it is available to view as many times as I like. Thank You Nolan.

  10. Debra (verified owner)

    Love the content, learning a lot about layering. Great job! There are so many videos to watch and I’m almost at the end! There is so much info in each one and just watching Nolan paint I’ve learned to slow down and think about my next stroke. Invaluable info at any price!

  11. Kevin W. (verified owner)

    Outstanding painting class! I have tried learning dog painting on my own and been stuck. Can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned and also enjoyed the course so much! My family has noticed a huge improvement in paintings.

  12. By Martin (verified owner)

    Informative, detailed and a lot of fun! Would highly recommend to anyone who would love to learn how to paint dogs

  13. Pat (verified owner)

    Fantastisc. Loving my dog course almost finished the border collie. Although I have a long way to go to make it look like Nolan’s.
    Nolan is a fantastic tutor, nothing is left unexplained. Its great that he shows his painting alongside the ref photo so you can compare because although I printed off the picture, it doesn’t show the various shades as well as it looks on the screen ( or at least not with my printer) so its easy to follow the steps and I just pause when I want to catch up. He zooms in to see the details clearly too.
    Ive also joined the monthly tutorials but couldn’t wait to try the dog course! Just brilliant thank you Nolan x

  14. Frauke Mirenda (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly enjoying this course! I started painting pet portraits this spring and seem to have a knack for it but needed help with the fundamentals as well as specifics for painting animals. This course is exactly what I needed! Thank you, Nolan! Your instruction is superb!

  15. Elaine McArthur (verified owner)

  16. Eli (verified owner)

  17. Cindy (verified owner)

    This class has been very helpful in helping me fine tune my own paintings in areas that always had me stumped. Nolan explains in detail everything he is teaching. Being able to pause or stop the videos allows me to catch up or finish on a different day. Great class, Thanks!!!

  18. Mandy G. (verified owner)

    Simple to follow, great instructions, explains why. I already see improvements in my painting after 1/3 of the course.

  19. Jan M. (verified owner)

    a wonderful course . Nolan is an excellent teacher with very clear instructions. i’m loving it.

  20. Donna (verified owner)

    This detailed instruction is superior to any training I’ve ever had. And after the first painting I’ve shown some pretty good improvement. This is a great value and I can’t wait to do the rest of these pups. Thank you so much Art Basket!

  21. Ann Britt (verified owner)

    Enormt bra . Meget fornøyd

  22. Kimberly O’Neill (verified owner)

  23. Mark King (verified owner)

    Excellent descriptions and the right amount of detail and all given at a sensible and easy to follow pace

  24. Stephanie (verified owner)

    This is an excellent class with very clear, detailed teaching. The only difficulty for me is it is too detailed. I just can’t commit to that much detail. I prefer a slightly looser style. However, I will keep going back to it and redoing it because it is teaching me the way to approach the drawing/painting of dogs.

  25. Christine Galysh (verified owner)

    Hi Nolan , very happy with the painting dogs course. Just recently started. On module 11 or 12 of the border collie.
    Enjoying how to paint the hair of the border collie. You are a good teacher. Looking forward to moving along in the course. Thank you and all the best.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying this course – it’s easy to follow along and the combined demonstration and theory components are boosting my skills and confidence. Thank you!

  27. Yaneth R. (verified owner)

  28. Warwick Boyce (verified owner)

    Haven’t started the Sheperd yet but i can’t wait,i have never beengame enough to tackle Long Hair but i am now,thanks to your teaching.Toni Boyce

  29. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    The course was packed full of information and techniques! Very easy to follow along. I definitely will purchase more classes from the Paint Basket!

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