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How to Draw Dogs Course

Skill Level: 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Subject: Animals
Tutor: Nolan Clark
Course Length: 12 Hours


(12 customer reviews)

Course Description

Learn how to draw dogs in pencil

Learn how to draw Man’s best friend

Join Nolan Clark on an exciting pencil drawing course during which you will learn how to draw realistic dogs.

The course is suitable for beginner as well as experienced artists.

In this course nothing is left to the imagination. Every single part of the drawings are explained in an easy to follow step by step manner.

Starting from an easy to draw dog, we gradually build up our knowledge and skills so that by the end of the course you will be able and confident enough to draw ANY dog.

During the course you will learn :

1) How to draw dog Eyes that are alive and show expression and personality
2) How to draw dog Ears that are soft and fluffy
3) How to draw dog Noses that are textured and look wet and happy
4) How to draw the Mouth and Teeth and Tongue of a dog.

All the different shades and types of hair are covered:

1) How to draw light haired dogs
2) How to draw dark hair dogs
3) How to draw short hair dogs
4) How to draw long hair dogs

Along the way Nolan shows you the “Insider Secrets” that professional artists use to get their dog drawings to look just like the actual pet, including the likeness and personality of the dog.

This will allow you to not only amaze your friends and family with your dog drawing skills, but also take on paid commissioned drawings of other people’s dogs.

There are over 12 hours of HD step by step drawing instruction videos in this course plus full size reference photos for you to work from.

Drawing Light Hair Dogs

During part 1 of the course you will learn what equipment you need to draw dogs realistically.

We will then draw a light hair dog. The technique used to draw light hair dogs is not what you think it is and never fails to surprise and amaze the students with not only how effective the technique is, but also how easy the technique is.

Drawing Short Hair Dogs

As you can see from the finished drawing, this is quite a bit more complex than the light hair dog. Amazingly though, the techniques you will learn in this section are not that difficult to master either – they are a nice natural step up from the previous techniques.

By the end of this section you will be able to create detail and depth in your animals like you never believed possible.

How to Draw Long & Dark Hair Dogs

In this section of the course we continue to build up our ability and confidence by learning how to draw a really friendly long haired dog.

You will learn how to draw not only the curls and details of the hair, but also how to draw the eyes so they are smiling and alive. (Click the photo to see a close up view of the stunning detail you will be drawing)

Throughout the course you will also learn how to draw all the other important details like the nose, mouth and teeth realistically.


12 reviews for How to Draw Dogs Course

  1. Pamela Ryan (verified owner)

    I loved drawing along with Nolan. I’m a new “artist” with the goal of creating realistic animal portraits. Nolan is a talented artist and teacher whose passion for drawing and the critters he draws (in this case dogs) comes through wonderfully. He is encouraging to us newbies and sometimes humorous which made working on these “diggity dogs” great fun. Thanks for the course! Will you do more dog portraits?

  2. Oliver Buckley (verified owner)

    Just started this but finding the explanations shading helpful

  3. Susan W. (verified owner)

    Another excellent course! I haven’t had much training in drawing and am very pleased with how much I’m learning! Clear and fun lessons!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am not completely done yet, I only completely the light hair dog, but so far I am extremely happy with the class. Nolan explained everything and demonstrated every step clearly. Even as a beginner, I achieve good results. Thank you, Nolan

  5. odette williams (verified owner)

    I haven’t finished yet but so far I love it.

  6. Alexandra Goddard (verified owner)

  7. Lise Robichaud (verified owner)

    the presentation and the sequence are perfect, and because it is a course at home, it is easy to follow!

  8. Alex McIntosh (verified owner)

    Just completed the first drawing and it far surpassed expectations. It was very enjoyable and very well presented in an easy to follow manner. First class, would recommend to anyone especially those,like me, who struggle with shading.

  9. Barry (verified owner)

    Awesome Courses these Nolan Thank You!

  10. Arthur cansdale (verified owner)

  11. Carl Barton (verified owner)

    Great lesson, well presented and in a timely manner for me as a begineer

  12. Walter Sokolowski (verified owner)

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