Intro to Landscape Drawing Course

Skill Level: 1 Beginner
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Subject: Landscapes
Tutor: Dennis Clark
Course Length: 5 Hours 20 Minutes


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Course Description

Join Dennis Clark on a journey into the wonderful world of landscape drawing.

Join Dennis Clark on a journey into the wonderful world of landscape drawing.

Landscapes are by far the most popular subject to draw, yet most artists think that it is one of the hardest to master because of the multitude of objects and textures we have in nature.

During this 7 part course Dennis will:

1) Show what equipment he uses to draw his landscapes
2) Teach you the basics required like how linear and atmospheric perspective works
3) then you will learn how to draw trees
4) How to draw rocks and cliffs
5) How to draw water and rivers
6) How to draw clouds
7) How to draw mountains

All in all you will get over 5 and a half hours of HD video showing you step by step how to master each technique.

Drawing Trees

Being able to draw trees effectively is a critical skill if you want to be able to draw landscapes.

In this class you will learn the concepts, techniques and tricks to drawing trees quickly and easily without having to draw every single leaf.

Water & Rocks

In this class we will create our own scene in order to learn:

1) How to draw rocks
2) How to draw water
3) How to plan a drawing from memory
4) How to draw bushes
5) and much more…


In this class we will draw a typical seascape with cliffs

During the class you will learn:
1) How to show the shoreline receding into the distance
2) How to draw detailed cliffs
3) How to show trees overhanging the cliffs
4) How to draw rocks protruding from the surf
5) and much more…


Buildings are an integral part of any landscape drawing. In this class you will learn :

1) How to draw buildings
2) How to draw a variety of trees
3) How to create distance in your scene
4) and much more..

An essential class for any landscape drawing artist

Rivers & Clouds

In this landscape drawing we will concentrate on the techniques required to draw rivers and clouds in a landscape.

During the class you will learn:
1) How to draw from a colour reference
2) How to create depth in the clouds
3) How to draw mountains in the distance
4) How to draw a river receding into the distance
5) and much more…

By the end of the course you will not only have a good understanding of landscape drawing, but also:

1) The confidence to draw your own landscape photos
2) understand how to use tonal ranges for vibrant drawings,
3) know how to interpret the objects you are seeing
4) understand how to look and “see” nature properly
5) have an understanding of how to plan your drawings

All the lessons will open up instantly and you will be able to watch them as often as you like.

This course is very hands on. During the course you will draw many sketches and exercises as well as complete the drawings shown on this page.

Go ahead and join me, you will have a fabulous time.

Equipment List

In module 1 there is a video showing all the equipment used in the course. Here is a list of the equipment:

1) Set of Graphite Pencils (range between 2H and 6B)
2) Pencil Sketch Book (A4 or similar size)
3) Soft White Plastic Eraser
4) Craft or Similar Sharp Knife
5) Soft Mop Brush
6) Few Sheets of Photocopy Paper
7) Masking Tape

8) Putty Eraser
9) Ruler
10) Fixative Spray


20 reviews for Intro to Landscape Drawing Course

  1. Deborah (verified owner)

  2. Tracey (verified owner)

  3. arlene w. (verified owner)

    I found the classes very informative and easy to understand. I just started drawing and my idea was to draw trees. I can do that now but not great. I decided to learn how to do landscapes. That is why I took this class. He is great.

  4. BEATRICE (verified owner)

    I have not completed the whole course. I am a returning student and I am sure I will be happy with this course like I did with all previous classes. Nolan is a good instructor and I like the way he does not rush through his class.

  5. Zekarias M. (verified owner)

    So happy ,am Biginner I learn a lot from this course .thanks

  6. Diana (verified owner)

    I’ve only just purchased this course and have today completed the section on drawing trees, which I throughly enjoyed. Dennis is an excellent tutor whose explanations make so much sense. The fact that the actual sketches are shown in real time, makes the lessons very easy to follow.

  7. Kelly (verified owner)

  8. Anthony Keane (verified owner)

    Excellent step by step tutorials. Builds your skills in small increments and gets you to a reasonalbe level of competence by the end. With the basics in place all you need is to practice.

  9. Deborah Gallo (verified owner)

    Excellent class. Dennis is a great instructor and made the classes easy to follow. I can now use what I learned in my own sketches.

  10. Valerie (verified owner)

    Great instructor. I highly recommend this course. Mr. Clark is a wealth of information and you can tell he has a real mastery of drawing. When he demonstrates a drawing, he explains what he is doing, why he does it and how to do it. I am new to drawing and through his direction, I now have a working knowledge of shading, perspective and balance when drawing landscapes. How fun!

  11. Daniel Kehlenbach (verified owner)

    Wonderful tutorial! I really enjoy Dennis’ style of teaching – it’s as if we are sitting down over a cup of coffee and he is teaching me various landscape techniques. I look forward to enrolling in more classes!

  12. Denis Paradis (verified owner)

    Purchased this course hoping to learn a little more. I do have to say that I did learn a lot but, although I find that looking at Dennis painting his definitely learning experience on its own, however, was hoping to get tips, advice, do’s and don’ts which we do not get much of.

  13. ABRAHAM EGGEBEEN (verified owner)

    good solid info

  14. Tiff (verified owner)

    Not enough information on how to actually make the marks. Would also be nice to draw from a picture instead of imagination. Not enough explanation on why. Eg how do you know how big to make shadows?

  15. Deborah Shewmaker (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this class very much and look forward to learning much more.

  16. Kenneth (verified owner)

  17. PAMELA F. (verified owner)

  18. Naomi Rose (verified owner)

    Very helpful. One note for improvement: Sometimes when the teacher was drawing, it was off camera a bit. So I couldn’t see what he was doing.

  19. Michael Lindsay (verified owner)

    great course

  20. William E. (verified owner)

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