Introduction to Oil Painting

Skill Level: 1 Beginner
Medium: Oil Painting
Subject: General
Tutor: Nolan Clark
Course Length: 7 hours Minutes


Course Description

Learn the basics of oil painting. This course is for first time artists interested in learning to paint using oil paints.

Learn How to Paint in Oil

In this Oil Painting for Beginners course I teach you the basics of oil painting. In the beginning I assume you know absolutely nothing about Oil Painting.

I then take you step by step through the equipment you need, how to mix your colors correctly through to completing your first painting,

By the end of the course will be confident enough to continue to the rest of the classes.

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Part 1

We start off the course with a short intro video where I show you the fantastic range of painting styles you will be able to paint using oil paint.

Oil Painting Equpment

We will then go through all the equipment you need in order to paint in oil.

I will show you what to buy and what to look out for when in the shop.

By the end of these 6 lessons will be able to take your downloaded shopping list and confidently walk into the art shop because you will know what you are talking about.


Part 2

In these modules you will learn all about colour.

We will start by learning how the colour wheel works. We then move on to the colour mixing rules that apply to oil painting.

Finally we will practice the colour mixing rules using paint so you can see how the practical side differs from the theory.


Next you will learn the basics of composition. There are certain rules which help you to create paintings that are pleasing to look at. By learning and following these rules your paintings will always appeal to the people looking at them.


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Part 3


When painting you always have to consider the light. Without light we can’t see anything so thinking about it that way – all we are painting is light and it’s effect on the objects it is falling on. In this module you will learn all the lighting tricks successful artists use to create stunning paintings.

Painting a Ball

Moving on to our first painting project. In this module we paint a ball. It sounds simple enough, but it requires you to learn many of the basic painting techniques you will use in every single painting from now on.



Part 4

Painting a Tulip

In these modules you will complete your very first painting.

You will learn how to redraw the reference image onto your canvas, easily fixing any mistakes as you go until it looks perfect.

You will then use your practice from the ball lesson to paint the tulip, adding realistic lighting effects in the process.

Water Drops

The painting looks amazing as is, but we keep going by learning how to paint realistic water drops onto the flower.

This rounds off the painting and the course nicely.

You are now confident with the brush and using your art supplies and are ready to commence your painting adventures!

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Start Your Oil Painting Journey Now!