How to Draw Portraits Course

Skill Level: 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate, 3 Advanced
Medium: Pencil Drawing
Subject: Portraits
Tutor: Nolan Clark
Course Length: 7 Hours


(7 customer reviews)

Course Description

Learn how to draw realistic portraits in pencil

If you have always wished you could draw realistic portraits, then join me on a 7 part journey on how to draw portraits so real they will speak to you.

During the course you will learn :

Module 1

How to draw eyes

Learn how to draw eyes that are alive and look wet.
How to draw eyelashes and eyebrows

Module 2

How to draw noses

Learn how the nose is constructed and how to draw each part of the nose in such a way that it looks like the nose protrudes from the drawing paper.

Module 3

How to draw the mouth

Learn how to the mouths correctly – without the lipstick effect that amateur artists always seem to get.
You will also learn how to draw teeth that look shiny and moist.

Module 4

How to draw ears

You will learn how to easily draw an ear so that it looks realistic and natural. We will demystify all those curves and shadings in the ear and learn how to draw them effortlessly.

Module 5

How to draw hair

In this double barrel module you will learn how to draw various types of hair – long, short, straight as well as curly.
You will also learn how to draw the different hair colours including the “difficult” blonde hair.

Module 6

How to draw cheeks, chins & foreheads

This is a critical part of portrait drawing, yet other courses simply don’t bother to cover the subject. This module will set you ahead of the rest by not only showing you how to draw these features, but also how to deal with skin of various ages.

Bonus Module

How to draw hyper realistic and Portrait QnA

In this bonus module recorded live, you will listen in I answer the questions that were asked.
In the lesson I demonstrate how to draw your skin so it looks super smooth, how to draw darker skin tones, how to choose the correct pencil, portrait composition, drawing backgrounds, framing and even a demo on how to take your portraits to the next level by drawing hyper realistic.


7 reviews for How to Draw Portraits Course

  1. Rhonda (verified owner)

    Appreciate the tips and thorough explanation. The class was thoughtfully developed. The videos are broken down into individual lessons on the eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair, finishing and final question. The eye video gives a greater understanding of the anatomy and structure under the skin and was extremely helpful. I enjoy Nolan’s patient teaching style. He points out common errors and helps you see. Will be watching this class more than once.

  2. Tracey (verified owner)

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Fantastic course full of great ways, tips and techniques to learn how to draw portraits. Highly recommended.

  4. Jacqueline (verified owner)

  5. Lilian Oosthuizen (verified owner)

    Brilliant course.

  6. Svetlana Pencheva (verified owner)

    I enjoyed it, but the lack of a forum deprived me of feedback on my work. Now I am practicing based only on my judgment. It is not very reliable.

  7. Joyce Jordan (verified owner)

    After taking classes from Nolan many years ago, I once again happened upon The Paint Basket and was thrilled to see Nolan was still doing his magic. Thank you for your class on Portraits, I enjoy learning another aspect of art.

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